Our Services

Price List:
1/2 Hour: $60
45 Mins: $80
1 Hour: $105
75 Mins: $130
1.5 Hours: $160

Extended health plans and insurers such as ICBC, RCMP and DVA may also offer full or partial coverage to eligible British Columbians.

24 hours notice is required for cancellations or you will charged for the treatment in full.


Types of Service:

  • Systemic deep tissue massage:
    a deep massage for treating various conditions, sports injuries, chronic problems and overuse injuries
  • Neuromuscular therapy:
    treating the muscles with frictions and then stripping the muscle belly to reset the neuromuscular balance between shortened and lengthened muscles
  • Trigger point therapy:
    using 10 to 15 second point pressure on areas of focal tenderness to relieve tension
  • Swedish massage:
    using various kneading techniques to increase circulation & promote great relaxation while decreasing stress, improving tissue health and improve the immune system
  • Sports massage:
    modifying for sports specific muscle groups as well as pre & post event massage to decrease injury, increase performance & recovery
  • Now offering Graston Technique
    Graston Technique has recently started to grow in popularity since its introduction to the rehabilitation community the mid-1990s.  It uses a set of 6 specialized stainless steel tools of different sizes and shapes to address dysfunction in soft tissue (anything in the musculoskeletal system other than bone and cartilage).
  • Now Offering Hot and Cold Stone Therapy
    The use of hot stones draw fresh blood to a restricted area,bringing with it the nutrients your cells need to function properly. Then contrasting with a colder stone flushes out celluar waste products and is followed up by another hot stone to bring nutrient rich blood back in. This creates a pump of sorts and allows your therapist to work through your trouble areas quickly. The stone is not moved around on your body but pinpointed to a specific area of adhesion for a total of 20 seconds per application. Give it a trytoday! Currently available with Sarah Overstall.

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